Current listening: Mawkin:Causley “George’s Son”

New folk boyband supergroup sing about sheepdogs. In recent months Essex folk favourites Mawkin have joined forces with Devon’s best young singer Jim Causley (also of the Devil’s Interval and who sometimes plays with the touring Waterson:Carthy) , all of whom have produced some fantastic music over the last few years. They are currently touring as Mawkin;Causley. They have not recorded any full length records as yet but have put together a few “demos” for public consumption which can be listened to on their my space page. All three tracks which are up there are great but my current favourite is “Georges Son”. The song is about a sheepdog (I can see a theme developing with this blog) which gets possessed by the devil and runs a flock of sheep off a cliff resulting in his own untimely death and the financial ruin of the shepherd. Not something you are likely to hear as a song topic on the new  Beyonce album. It’s a beautiful song which manages to be sad and powerful at the same time. I think the “powerful” is Jim Causley’s beautiful warm rich voice which really makes the song ring.


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One Response to “Current listening: Mawkin:Causley “George’s Son””

  1. FolkBabe Says:

    Hey, I thought you might like to know those gorgeous folk boys Mawkin:Causley will be releasing their E.P “Cold Ruin” on the 4th of August!

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