Current listening: Ulrich Schnauss “Shine”

When Take That met Slowdive. No, really. Ulrich Schnauss’ “Goodbye” album makes me believe in time travel. Because this really is like being transported back to the early nineteen nineties when Slowdive and Lush were at their most popular. And really, this record is a very close copy of that sound. All shimmering Cocteau Twins guitars, dreamy vocals lowish down in the mix and drum machine throb. And consequently it sounds amazing.  I am probably being slightly unfair as there is an contemporary electronic edge to many of the tracks which was absent in the early days of shoegaze, but which did arguably become part of that scene with the likes of Slowdive and Chapterhouse adding dance elements to their music and putting out remixes by some of the electronic artists of the day.  Anyhow, it is a great album. So, so dreamy. Not recommended for driving at night with the car heater on as you might fall asleep at the wheel, as I nearly did the other day. Ideal for bedtime listening though. “Shine” is one of my current favourites on there. It is possibly the most commercial moment on the record and does (to my ears anyway) sound like Take That or Coldplay deciding to go shoegaze. Maybe it’s a subconscious connection of the word Shine with Take That but I don’t know … I like it. There are some free Ulrich Schnauss downloads available from his site here which are great but don’t altogether reflect the sound of this new record. Shine itself can be listened to on his MySpace page.


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One Response to “Current listening: Ulrich Schnauss “Shine””

  1. Omar Sarhan Says:

    Good review of the tune. thanks

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