Current listening: Sandra Bernhard “You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)”

It’s been that time of year when you want to frug in the kitchen while you are cooking. And most of the time it’s been to that bad Christmas music which I never tire of. But there have been a few evenings when the red wine has kicked in and I have suddenly had an urge for a  bit of disco. Probably a side effect from too much listening to The Weather Girls “Dear Santa (Bring Me A Man This Christmas)” (Martha Wash and the late Izora Armstead, I salute you) and Holiday Express’ “Disco Santa”.

I always forget about this absolute gem of a cover version from 1991. It’s obviously a fantastic song and Sylvester’s 1978 original is a classic but this manages to bring it up to date (albeit 17 years ago – ahem) and make something “new” of it. Ms Bernhard also adds some new lyrics and phrases the song differently from Sylvester. The “Frisco Disco” 12″ version is the real deal.

It manages to condense all that is wonderful about the anticipation preceding a night out. The endless possibilities, the prospect of listening to and dancing to music that will take you on a completely new journey, your senses heightened by your drug or drink of choice, everyone looks beautiful and the whole night stretches out in front of you. 

“It’s your first night out, you aren’t sure what you’re about, but tonight, something’s going down,         Castro Street on a Saturday night, it was outta sight, MacArthur Park melting in the background ….” 

It’s been playing in the kitchen a lot the past week. It really reminds me of my early nineties nightclub days, drinking too much with Michael, and listening to this before we went out.

The album it is taken from, “Excuses For Bad Behaviour Part One” is also surprisingly good musically with some top tunes on it including a lesbionic version of “Fifty Ways To Lose Your Lover” a take on “Sympathy For The Devil” and a mash up / medley of Jimi Hendrix’s “Manic Depression” and “Close Your Eyes” from Jesus Christ Superstar. Her self penned tracks are also pretty good particularly “Phone Sex” and “Innocence”.

 I know she’s a gobby American bird but she done good. A New York Times review said “Bernhard is petty and bilious as ever”.


3 Responses to “Current listening: Sandra Bernhard “You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)””

  1. sarah Says:

    Ooooo – now that takes me right back. I *have* to go and find my copy of the 12″.

    I’ve – shamefully – got no idea whether it’s on vinyl or cd? I suspect it’s vinyl, in which case it will have to join the growing list of music I’ve got to find on the internet. Somewhere…

  2. thegreatgrapeape Says:

    I have a feeling that you have it on vinyl. I think I have it on both. If you don’t have it on cd let me know. I listened to the album again on the way home last night and it still sounded brilliant. Despite the barbed nature of most of her lyrics it’s a really warm soothing record. She’s re-releasing an expanded version later this year apparently. It’s also made me want to watch re-runs of Ellen again to see whether it is actually funny.

  3. sophie Says:

    wow i love sandra! do u know if the cd version is still being sold??

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