Current Listening: Vampire Weekend

I automatically had a negative reaction to this when first listened to a few weeks ago. The African influences are there but it sounds like Vampire Weekend recreated rough sketches of what they heard on some African records without studying the actual method of creating those sounds. The music sounds rough and half baked without the smooth flow of the original African sounds which have been borrowed. And this put me off. I revisited it this week whilst driving, putting my original thoughts to the back of my mind, and now I think it’s a great record. I still think that the backing is vague, like a wooden version of something which should be made of marble, and they shouldn’t perhaps overplay those African steals, but if you ignore that the music still sounds good, in a noughties post punk kind of way. The songwriting is great and the lyrics and song structures put me in mind of Jonathan Richman. The more you listen to it the more the soul of these songs shows through. Anyhow, now a firm favourite.


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