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Today (Three days ago in fact)

6 May 2008

Heading down the garden first thing on Saturday morning to collect eggs and feed chickens, dampness still in the air but the morning filled with the brightness of a sun already risen and just about to make its presence known above the trees of neighbouring gardens.  Four screeching black slashes in the air screamed past about  five metres above my head.  The first swallows of the year.  I saw a single swift above the fields on the way home from work over a week ago but this was the first sighting on home territory. A heartlifting way to start a bank holiday weekend and a definite signal that summer is on it’s way if not already here. I still wonder at the fact that these small birds were hawking across the skies above African plains and deserts just weeks, in fact days ago. By Sunday evening the skies above my house were filled with tens of them, now a fixture until at least early September.

And further evidence by the way that the beech hedge immediately in front of the house on Thursday of last week was still completely covered in last years crisp brown leaves but by Sunday morning had been reclothed with the luminous lime green glow of the new season. The freshness of the trees and plants at this time of year is hard thing to beat for lifting the spirits.