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Current listening: Jon Redfern – “Don’t worry”

23 November 2009

Beating all those year long favourites from out of nowhere. From 2008 in fact, and easily missed – but blimey, so good.

It is a strange fact that I know now that for so long as I am alive, and for so long as she is singing I will keep investigating and keep searching out music featuring the voice of Becky Unthank. She has a voice which is just timeless. It’s not that it is terribly technically competent or strident or that she is able to hold her notes, in fact it is none of those. It’s a voice which is strong and empowered and at the same time fragile and emotional. “Blue Bleezing Blind Drunk” is the epitome of the first, and this song the second, and yet both carry all of those elements. It’s an overused cliche but it is a voice which is like a force of nature.

This tune starts off with Jon Redfern singing his own song – a perfectly lovely fine little thing. Then there are these harmonies in the background which make you realise there is someone else in the room and then in comes Becky with that voice which turns the song into a lullaby and a celebration and a melancholy reminiscence but not crowded achieving all those things with so much space to breathe. Its a voice which goes straight to the marrow of your bones, a voice beyond its years, the voice of a young girl and a wise old woman, an innocent and a seer.

“I’ll always love you, love you forever, however long that is”



23 November 2009

“The strongest man in the world is the one who stands alone.”

H.I. via D.F.

Current Listening: Gossip “Heavy Cross (Fred Falke Remix)”

17 November 2009

I have been coming back to this one all year. Unlike so many things it does not get less powerful over time it just gets better. I expected to be slightly disappointed sticking it on for the first time for a month or so – those gut wrenching thumps and screams might have lost some of their impact. But no. I had it on in the car on the way to work this morning and it just lifted me up out and into some other beautiful space. Somewhere between a fist in the stomach and the thickest rush of mass unconditional communal celebration. Banishing the demons of this time of the year instantly. Nearly as good as the best beer fuelled mindless fuck you ever had. More intensity than you can almost bear – like you are going to explode with the sheer raw energy and lust involved.

It’s the nineteen eighties. It’s synths and more synths and a wailing banshee. It’s Joan Jett. It’s Blondie. It’s Pat Benatar. It’s Patti Smith fucking Giorgio Moroder in Cream in 1994.

It takes two its up to me and you to prove it.

I think I may have killed the car stereo system I played it so loud.