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Last night The Imagined Village were like ….

21 January 2010

..the Tackhead Sound System, The Albion Country Band, The Beatles and Ravi Shankar colliding somewhere in outer space and falling to earth with stardust still attached. Such a seriously massive sound at times. Just fantastic. Sweet Jane, Scarborough Fair and My Son John seem to be the live highlights from the new album. At the end of the latter I thought the roof of the Theatre was going to lift off. I had at least three shivers down the back nearly leading to tears moments during the course of the evening.


Anger management

19 January 2010

Sometimes I think it’s just George Monbiot and I. One of the most depressing things I see these days are the comments boxes under any article in the papers relating to climate change. If anything makes me want to slash my wrists it’s the politics of the newspaper reader. What is this alleged agenda that the environmentalists have got anyway ? How do they benefit ? How can anyone argue that we should be living any other way than sustainably ?

Current Listening

19 January 2010

Literally addicted to Bad Romance. And most of The Fame Monster if the truth be told. Incredibly incredibly good.

The noughties

8 January 2010

would have been a lot poorer without

The Bairns
Tangled Up
To Be Still
Want One
The Covers Album
Lindstrom & Prins Thomas
Dimanche A Bamako
White Chalk
The Blue Notebooks
An Echo Of Hooves
Little Lights
Sweet England
Confessions on a dancefloor
I Am A Bird Now
In The Heart Of The Moon
On the corner of Miles & Gil
Seven Swans


8 January 2010

“to watch and listen and to breathe salty nocturnal air so saturated with want. This late, with most of the lights extinguished,more stars are visible and the foghorn keeps sounding its single note from the breakwater. The men who speak to each other do so in low tones that could be mistaken for reverence. A gull wheels by every now and then, very white against the starry sky, and you can hear the soft swish of bicycle tires until just before dawn.””

M.C. 2004