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Anger management: Waste waste fucking waste

17 April 2008

Half of me is relieved to see common sense being promoted, half of me despairs at the fact that it is necessary.  Here. The only food which I ever throw out of my kitchen, literally, is salad that has gone over a bit and that goes to the hens so ends up as eggs eventually. Leftovers can be next nights tea or get frozen for a work night when I don’t fancy cooking.  Is it just me that behaves logically ?  Maybe my parents drummed the philosophy of “waste not want not” into me a little too much as a child but it does my head in. We don’t need it. The planet doesn’t need it.

The same goes for the likes of the idiot who told me earlier in the week that “they put the dishwasher on every day no matter how full or empty it is in case it starts to smell”.

Are we breeding a world of complete idiots or do people just not give a shit anymore in this odious meme I want culture ?

There. That feels better. 

Then I get even more depressed seeing how full of hate I am.  All those evil thoughts about wishing an armageddon on the west just to make people realise what they don’t need and what is important.  It’s not love is it.


Anger Management: Number plates

9 January 2008

Apologies if this offends the sensibilities of anybody reading this. I am heading into Grumpy old Man territory. Actually have probably already moved in permanently if the truth be known. Why do people feel the need to buy personalised number plates ? What logical purpose do they serve ? And can anyone come up with a good reason why anyone would buy one other than for other people to notice. And what exactly is the message which they are tring to convey to those other people ? And is that really a message to be proud of ? Is it just an extremely sad indication of the worrying nature of people’s priorities these days ? Maybe there is something which I am missing.