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Life can be so nice

11 November 2008

Still fully dark at 6am: 1st October 2008

First frost of the year: 6th October 2008. Windscreen scraping time.

The owls haven’t even started their dawn hooting at 6am these days but by about 6.20 they are making themselves heard. Rather than resent the first frost I really relish it. There is something entirely magical about the crunch of grass underfoot and the wisps of cream and pink flecking the sky in the east and gradually lightening the whole of the big sky which is visible out from the top of the hills.  The view of the eastern plain at 7.50am on Monday on the way down through Pant Glas was just spectacular. A sea of pink mist with the trees and woods poking up out of it in layers going back and back to the horizon for 30 miles. It was one of those nothing gets better than this moments. Unfortunately we were on the way to the station so couldn’t stop and ten minutes later some of the magic had dissipated but the  fact that such views are so fleeting make them even more precious.


Current listening: Prince “Sometimes it snows in April”

7 April 2008

It has been snowing in England the last few days. Not in any very major way but it is still pretty late in the year for it to happen. As I look out of the window smallish flakes are gently drifting down onto the bright pink of the viburnum bodnantense and canary yellow of the jasminum nudiflorum. Strange bedfellows. The cloches in the vegetable patch have been topped with a duvet of snow, the lettuce snug underneath. This song comes to mind for obvious reasons. It has always been one of my favourite tracks by Prince, from his glory days of the late eighties and is a song that frequently ends up swilling around my head, usually for no apparent reason. The start sometimes sounds like it is about to turn into some kind of raga with its eastern tones and then it turns into this beautiful piano and guitar acoustic lament. The first time I heard “Bed Of Roses” by The Lilac Time back in 1989 it immediately put me in mind of “Sometimes it snows in April” and since then the two songs have been inextricably linked in my head. I can’t hear one without thinking of the other. Maybe its the chords used or maybe its my imagination. I think there are sections in each song which are very similar. They certainly do sound good back to back. Ten minutes of real beauty.


7 March 2008

There is now a glow on the horizon at 6am. By 6.30 the light is widening and deepening and I can now make it through the woods without a head torch. Which is better than an extra five minutes on the grim by pass, where the resentment of those drivers already on their way to a far away meeting is almost perceptible.


16 November 2007

– 2 all the way to work. Gorgeous skies though.


12 November 2007

First ground frost of the year this morning. Clear skies and the most incredible blue and pink sunrise, the sky criss crossed by vapour trails. The frost covered trees grasses and bracken at the side of the road were stunning and passing through the Corvedale a great skein of at least fifty geese crossed the sky. The temperature was still -1 by the time I reached my destination at 8am.